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Tulare County Republicans


The Republican Party of Tulare County is a diverse group of dedicated individuals with the three goals: register citizens to vote, raise money to fund support Republican election efforts, and Get Out the Vote on election day. The RPTC is composed of the Executive Committee as well as an elected Central Committee that is geographically representative of Tulare County.


James Henderson

Freedom….a word that we all hold dearly as Americans.  Yet in the times we live, we see Freedom stripped away from all angles.  Speech, expression, life, assembly, bearing arms, and our very own personal pursuits continue to be attacked by the far left in the name of ‘political correctness.’  As Republicans the foundation of our principles is limited government.  Yet government continues to expand its grasp with more regulations, taxes, and red tape.  How do we, the people change the course?  Get active!  Tulare County is the last bastions of freedom in California due to Republicans in office.  Nonetheless, we must continue to proactively reach our community and provide not just vision but real values of…less taxes, less government, right to bear arms, Assembly, private property, and prevent actions infringing on our overall FREEDOM!  We must continue to be aggressive in finding electable Republicans, registering voters, and working hard during election cycles in our Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts.  We need you to get in the grind of the hard, mundane, and thankless work, but for a common cause…insuring the next generation tastes Freedom.  Come join us in our efforts!



James Henderson

Chair, TCRP

1st Vice-Chair

Dave Preston

2nd Vice-Chair

Evette Bakke


Crystal Ragan


Barbara Hallmeyer

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