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Join the Fight!

Republican victories are determined by the efforts put forth by grassroots supporters like you. Tulare County Republican Party is committed to electing Republicans across the county and doing our part in building a stronger America!

A great opportunity to learn about politics and build your resume for future endeavors. Garnish the skills necessary for political careers and understand the internals of successful campaigns.

Find the nearest and upcoming Republican Events in the region and network with others to help increase Republican leadership across Tulare County!

Help restore Republican leadership to government to help restore the California Dream. Serve on local boards, city council, school board, and more! Sign up below to learn more about what it takes to run.

Promote Freedom, Take Back America, and Register Republican Today! Register online now in under five minutes.

2024 Endorsements

Election Day is Tuesday, March 5, 2024
and November 5, 2024 

U.S. Congress, District 20 - Kevin McCarthy

U.S. Congress, District 21 - Michael Maher

U.S. Congress, District 22 - David Valadao

State Assembly, District 32 - Vince Fong

State Assembly, District 33 - Devon Mathis

Tulare County Board of Supervisors, District 1 - Larry Micari

Tulare County Board of Supervisors, District 2 - Pete Vander Poel

Connie Conway

Chairwoman's Message

“Policies enacted by the left in Sacramento and Washington are making hurtful impacts on the daily lives of Americans.   From the gas pump to the grocery store; our pocketbooks are seeing a decline not witnessed in generations. However, failure is a result of elections and it is the mission of the Republican Party of Tulare County to change California’s course to success!  By registering more Republican voters, raising money to support candidates, and getting out the vote, we can elect quality Republicans to office.


We know our policies promote a strong economy, safe communities, quality education, and a better America - something only possible with good electoral outcome. Join our efforts today and volunteer!“ 


The Honorable Connie Conway

Chairwoman, Tulare County Republican Party


Hon. Connie Conway

1st Vice-Chair

Dave Preston

2nd Vice-Chair

Ian Bakke


Crystal Ragan


Barbara Hallmeyer

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